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I would like to say that I found a reasonable facsimile of Hyde's pentacle ring sans pentacle. If that made sense.

It wasn't. It was just a ring.

But! It really was quite pretty, and I'm quite sure it was amber which made it even more pretty (I've still got an obsession with stones) but it was nearly $50. And I'm not willing to pay that much money for a ring right now. But still... it sparkled so... *remembers it mournfully*

Anyway! On more costume-related bits (because anime con comingcomingcoming during which I will not see hide or hair of Internet, or at least I don't expect to) I now have acquired a passable black wristband (the store I went to didn't have the one I wanted that the store in the other mall carried, and the only one that looked marginally like it was ugly so I didn't want to buy that either). And a chain necklace that doubles quite well as three strands of bracelet. I can add on miscellaneous others onto my wrist and that should achieve hopefully the right effect. Maybe I'll just find some other large ring and stick it on my finger and pretend. ;p

Girl--I think her name's Kota?--has offered to do the cornrows along the side of my head for me. I hope she can do them properly. It'd be nice if she could. ^^;;

Have found the necklace (not Hyde's necklace, but good enough), and the jacket (too short, but meh, if you can believe a Hyde with breasts, you can overlook small things). Have boots, will wear. Other bits of costume haven't changed. Have sunglasses. Wonder if contacts still function as I sure don't use 'em and haven't for a while.

...Now who offers to inform Steph on how she will do her makeup? Because left to her own devices, her attempts at that smudged eye look of Hyde's will end up making her look like a raccoon, or like the losing end of a ninth-grade tussle. ^^;;
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