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Title: Come Home (tentative title, might be subject to change)
Author: mirroredsakura
Pairings: HydexMegumi, GacktxHyde, TetsuxMegumi, HydexTetsu, GacktxMegumi, possible GacktxTetsu, possibly more
Notes: Why I'm writing this? Well.. the plotbunny told me so. I decided to listen to it because my smut-writing skills needs some work as I haven't really written much above NC-17 stuff. None actually, prior to Musical Interlude, and everyone knows how long THAT took to write. >.<;;


Prologue: Questions


How does a girl go about asking her husband if he’s cheating on her?

“Honey, please pass the potatoes—oh and are you having hot steamy sexy behind my back?”

She sighed. It lacked… subtlety. And sanity, come to that.

She fumbled with the magazine in her hands, in an attempt to turn to the page, dropping it instead on her feet—which she’d already crumpled enough in both hands while she’d been staring avidly at the clock—she sighed and gave up pretending that she could keep her mind off things. She couldn’t think of anything to say to him, how to confront him on the issue.

The baby was crying. Loudly. He wanted her.

She went to him, held him close against her and rubbed his back in sure, circular motions. Slowly his wail petered down into little hiccups, and finally into a sweet silence.

Their beautiful baby. He had her eyes. Her nose. But his face, his mouth… all his father’s. Their beautiful, beautiful baby. She had honestly thought she had everything, everything she could ever want in a lifetime. She had a wonderful child, and what she had always considered a wonderful marriage. Despite the frequent hate mails found in her inbox, the steady flow of fan mail in his, girls young enough to be his daughter offering him sexual favors, all his long absences… he always came back, and he always came back smiling no matter how tired he was or how much of a hurry he was in. That was the life of a rock star and his wife. She didn’t complain—she knew the rules. She’d known what it all meant, what had been coming when he’d went down on his knees and slipped the ring on her finger, and she’d known on that glorious Christmas Day just a year ago today.

But… never had the possibility of his having an affair behind her back ever occurred to her. It simply had never crossed her mind. But really, in the back of her head, she’d always supposed that he would always tell her when something was wrong, that he needed to satisfy himself and his passions with someone else, despite how very un-Japanese that would be.

Perhaps it should have occurred to her. After all, she’d seen his concerts, been to quite a few of them herself in fact, although she’d never advertised her presence. She’d seen the flirtation, the fanservice… the undiluted adoration the crowds spilled on him, and which he returned shamelessly. But he’d never taken any of it seriously. So… she never had either.

Did that make her naïve?

All she knew was that she was alone in their house, her son in her arms making contented cooing noises as she held him against her chest, and all she could do was think numbly of all the lewd letters from a certain Gackt M.S. Camui addressed to her husband filled with incriminating implications and insinuations.

A one-night stand with a woman she could have taken with equanimity, honestly. She understood as well as anyone that lust did not necessarily mean love, and of the powers of temptation, especially since being an star gave him that many more offers. She could have taken all that because he always came back to her, smiling at her like there was no other woman for him in the world, and that all the other women in his life would never be competition.

She could believe him on that point. They were a private couple, and she liked it that way, sheltered away from the media. It meant that he could freely talk to her without being worried that anything and everything would get out into the world past the two of them. He always told her the truth. He loved her.

But Gackt was a man. He was something she was not; could never be. And if the number of letters that she’d held in her shaking hands had any story to tell, it was that whatever was going on between them had been going on for a very long time.

Her Hideto, her Haido-chan… he had sworn that he was straight, that he was in love with her. Just how much of that was a lie?

The longer she thought on it, the more lose-lose the question looked. If he did love men… did that mean he had never really liked women (and therefore her) in the first place? But if he was really in love with her, why would he go out and hurl himself into the arms of another man?

She was shaking, perplexed and distraught—she didn’t like it at all. Suddenly she was insecure about things she had never had cause to be insecure about before, and there was absolutely no one to turn to. Stupid, inconsequential things kept popping up in her head... the hickeys he'd used to give Tetsu, the groping of Sakura...

The baby gurgled something unintelligible and looked up at her, smiling a wide, gummy smile, breaking her concentration from her gloomy thoughts. For that moment, it made for some comfort.

But not enough. Nowhere near enough.

She pictured his angel face in her head, smiling so sweetly at her, at their son. If all of it was true… all the things the letters hinted at… what kind of person was Hyde to pretend to her so well?

She didn’t want to be angry with him. If there was one thing she hated, it was being mad at him. But the anger came then, hot and choking and she wanted to scream or throw things. Considering her arms were full of their precious baby, she controlled that urge quite quickly, settling for balling her hands up into fists against the baby’s back. He didn’t much like this and squirmed, but stayed silent. Where was he? Was he really out snowboarding like he said? Or was he lying in a tangle of naked limbs in someone else’s bed?

She hated being insecure, unsure of herself, but there the letters lay, silent and incriminating.

She shut her eyes tight, held her son close as if he was the last thing that tied her to reality.

I can’t bear it!, she thought dismally. Even though it was only 9:30—early by anyone’s standards—she couldn’t stand the thought of staying conscious a moment longer.

But she liked the idea of sleeping alone in their bed even less. And so she curled up in a little nest of blanket, her son held close against her heart and forced her eyes to close, her breathing to slow, and allow herself to fall into a deep and merciful sleep.

But sleep would not come. No matter how she tried, how hard she clenched her eyelids shut, she lay away in bed, listening to the sound of her child’s gentle breathing as he lay safe in her arms, living in wonderful, ignorant bliss. And so she lay there and wished desperately to also be held in another pair of arms—warm, safe… his voice whispering tender nothings so that all her doubts would be assuaged.

But they didn’t encircle her shoulders, and no warm presence appeared at her back whispering apologies or words of love. And so she continued to lie there… numb, insecure, and the doubts remained.

Miserable, her thoughts ever-spiraling deeper into depression, she thought, almost, bitterly, Merry Christmas, darling…

He’d forgotten…

Happy first wedding anniversary too…

With one swift flick of the wrist, she batted the carefully-wrapped present off the night table and turned away from the smiles in the wedding picture beside the bed. She lay there, body numbed so that she couldn’t even feel the warmth of her son’s skin beneath her fingertips. The tears too had finally left her.


Nothing really smut-tastic in this one, just a bit of angst. After all, I'm not going to simply throw this woman out of the plot just for conveniences sake, especially when she's such a brilliant character to have in!

Chapter One: Apologies

Notes: The scene for the making of the PV is very reminiscent of Mayu Shinjo’s Sensual (Kaikan) Phrase. So I will give credit where credit is due. The lyrics are also from the same. Because I am definitely not musically-inclined (wasn’t allowed to be) and am completely hopeless, creatively speaking. I’ve mashed together the lyrics given for both “From a Fallen Angel” and “Cruel Jones” because they’re delicious and I want to use them. No other reason. ^^;;


Hyde rushed into the house in the early hours of the morning, stripping away his shoes and his jacket as he ran. Damn it, he swore to himself. Damn you Ga-chan for putting me in this fix!

He’d been in the studio all night on Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve damn it! And people had the nerve to say that he was a slacker at work!) touching up a few things here and there with the latest song, and had promptly fallen asleep once sunrise hit. Although he’d meant to regulate his sleeping schedule to something that more suited a human being rather than an owl, habits are hard to break. It’d been the damned reason why he’d been running late, and in a plea for help, had asked his Moon Child co-star to pick up his wife for him so that they could meet up at the slopes.

It had seemed a good idea at the time. Gackt had met Megumi before, and they’d gotten along fairly well for first acquaintances.

What he hadn’t counted on was just how jealous and just how selfish that man could be.

“Oh Megumi-san? She’s back up at the lodge. Refused to leave the baby behind because there was no one to take care of it—and it kicked up a big fuss as soon as we got here. I’ve been sent ahead to find you and tell you that she will catch up with us in a little while.”

Megumi worshipped that baby… she wouldn’t have stood for just leaving it at home.

But, he thought furiously as he dashed through the goddamned enormous front hall, she’s too smart to think she could come snowboarding with a baby in tow!

God he was slow! By the time he’d finally figured out that she wasn’t anywhere near the slopes at all, Gackt had gently but firmly led to their room.

Megumi… she was the most gorgeous woman in the world and he was so much in love with her still, it hurt. But there was something about Gackt. Something about him, the power, the bedazzling, knowing smile, that when he beckoned, Hyde could not, could not resist him.

Which was why he was running through his own house like a madman at three in the morning.

He had enough sanity left to him to soften his footsteps as he came closer to their room, to try and keep from waking her if she was already asleep.

But when he opened the door, the light was on, she was sitting upright in bed, and the baby was in her arms, clutched tight against her chest as if he were her last possession on Earth.

She looked up at him, her eyes hollow, slightly reddened from lack of sleep and possibly from crying. Seeing her like that… he wanted to rush to her side. Fall on his knees. Beg for forgiveness. In that moment of despair, she was a goddess. Fragile and heartbreakingly beautiful.

Then the moment passed and she was Megumi again in all her China doll beauty and sweetness. “You’re late Haido-chan…” she informed him quietly.

That was when he really did fall on his knees beside her and buried his face against her leg as if were a child again. “I’m so sorry,” he told her, his voice muffled by the blanket spread over her, “I wanted to have you with me Megu-chan… But I was so late and when I asked Ga-chan to take you there for me…”

She felt her heart drop and something thick and choking in her throat. “Oh,” she managed to say, “Was he supposed to go to?”

“He did go,” Hyde muttered murderously into her leg, hating Gackt, hating himself even more. “He went and he didn’t bring you. Then he didn’t fucking tell me until—”

Hi—de—to!” she exclaimed, covering the ears of their son. But the anger in his voice directed at that man gladdened her, a drop of viciousness in all that inherent sweetness.

He fell silent, but he didn’t move. It had been Christmas. It had been their anniversary for fuck’s sake. And he’d ended up being fucked into the floor by Gackt and rendered unable to tell the younger man, no.

This was when he wished he’d never met the man, had never set eyes on him at that party, and had never, never agreed to be on that movie set with him.

Megumi carefully placed the baby to the little cradle by her side of the bed, put there especially so that she did not have to get up out of bed to check on their baby, and for her to be near enough so that she could hear his breathing while he slept. She opened her arms up to him, and he climbed onto their bed, collapsing beside her so as not to crush her with his weight and they both held each other for solace, their hands moving over each other’s bodies, touching, feeling… convincing themselves of each other’s presence, and erasing that horrible, horrible day as much as they possibly could.

She let her fingers move, let them run up underneath the roughened fabric of his sweater, push it up, up over his chest, over his head, arms, feeling the familiar expanse of flesh; needing the warmth of him to envelope her, reassure her. She flung the sweater away, pressing her hands up hard against him, kissing him, gripping the hard, muscled flesh beneath her fingertips as if she could absorb his warmth, melt the icy cold she’d felt take hold of her entire body.

Hyde responded in like. He needed Megumi. The hours he’d spent with Gackt… That wasn’t sex… that was mindless, mindless fucking. Mind-blowing, sure… but he never woke up and idled for hours in bed with the other man at dawn to indulge in idle pillow talk. He never lay there and reached out to touch Gackt just because he needed to touch someone, feel someone, memorize every inch of them with his fingertips. They never just talked. There could be nothing mundane between the two of them… talk was kept strictly music, movies, business, and sex. Any thing else was silly, romantic, fluffy business, and though Gackt professed to be a romantic at heart, he simply did not do silly with Hyde.

It was a good thing. Hyde was grateful for that margin of professionalism even in something so unimaginably unprofessional as an affair with a fellow rock star. If he acquired any more emotional attachments to the man, it would make his current position even more awkward and unstable than it already was. And what it already was, was entirely too much as is.

So he knew the glaring differences between submitting to Gackt and making love to his wife. His body might respond quite well to Gackt’s advances, and to his heated embraces, but there was always… something.

He wasn’t sure if it was love that made his heart thrill as he approached home and saw the lights shining through the curtain, or made his veins run hot with fire that only flared higher whenever he was with his wife. Her lips on his, his face, his neck, his shoulder, his chest… that was fire, lingering trails of heat wherever she touched.

He drew his arms around her as he felt her need him just as much as he needed her, in an attempt to wash away their doubts.

He kept his arms around her, even as she kissed him everywhere she could reach; a warm, comforting, presence right up against her. She tugged impatiently at the ties of her nightdress right at her shoulders—she wanted to feel that heat against her bare skin, to let it wash over her completely. She wanted to forget… wanted to forget it all…

It won’t last… In the back of her mind, she knew that this was only a temporary relief from her worries. But for now… just for now…

He helped inch the filmy nightdress down; sliding his hands down her shoulders, the sides of her breasts, past her waist, her legs…

He stayed down there a few moments longer after he’d pulled the slippery silk off her, to shed the baggy pair of pants he’d changed into after snowboarding. Inch by delicate inch, his lips gently pressed light butterfly kisses up her inner thigh. Her skin shuddered under his touch, forcing her breath to escape in soft gasps as he teasingly left off his administrations at the last possible moment and slid upwards along the side of her, and she felt the warm hardness pressed against her thigh. That familiar length, that thickness… his controlled eagerness as he buried his face against her neck, breathing in deep as his cheek was pillowed on her dark hair… oh yes, she needed this… and nipped gently at that spot on her neck with a soft growl. He wrapped his arms around her, surrounded her in the feel of him.

Mmm… Yes, yes, yessss… even her mind-voice was a purr of pleasure as he ran those roughened fingertips along her skin, teasing her heated flesh with their apparent patience as they traced long, slow, lazy circles around each of her small breasts. Not once did they brush the hardened, distended nipples which ached for his touch, even as she writhed and arched up towards him, a soft whimper escaping her lips.

Her hands scrabbled for him, desperate to feel him—the heat having grown too unbearable to ignore. She leaned into him, flung a leg over his hip in an unmistakable invitation. He groaned into her neck in a voice thick with his building desire. “Oh Megu…”

It was perfect… It could work. The two of them could simply forget about the rest of the world altogether and stay lost in each other. Gackt… what he’d done… who he’d done… she might almost believe it didn’t matter…


The two of them jerked apart so fast, Hyde literally tumbled off the bed and onto the hardwood floor with a loud THUMP! missing the baby’s crib by only a few scant inches.

“Owww…” he moaned, rubbing his head which had smacked, hard, against the edge of the small night-table as he’d fallen. Megumi lay there for a second as the haze of frantic desire dissipated, leaving her ready to scream. Her first coherent (relatively speaking) bit of thought was, WHERE’S MY COCK?!

It took a few moments, and a background soundtrack of a moaning Hyde and a screaming baby, before she could think clearly on anything besides her raging libido.

The hour that followed was so chock full of baby problems—he wouldn’t stop crying, he wouldn’t eat, he ate too much, he threw up all over himself, he cried some more because he didn’t like being washed—that by the time it was over, the two of them were near deciding never to have children ever again. And were entirely too tired to do anything besides flop over, side by side on the large bed.

She closed her eyes, exhausted from the lack of sleep, and the exasperation of raising a baby and the consequences thereof as she allowed herself to fall into bed, with a muffled groan. She was quite ready to just sleep now. No sex tonight, she thought with a weary mental pout.

The sound of Hyde’s even breathing beside her was steadying though. Comforting. She rolled over onto her other side to be able to see his face.

He was still awake. And his expression was mournful as they made eye contact. Not, she knew, from the lack of sex, but because the events of the day still haunted his thoughts. He was trying desperately to think of something to make it up to her.

“Will you… will you come with me tomorrow?” he asked finally, biting his lip and looking like a little boy, waiting for her to say no. “I… I’m just so… I mean I…” he fell silent for a moment.

She drew closer, so she could bury her nose into his neck and that nice spot at his shoulder which was so comfortable to lay her head against. “You know I love you, don’t you?” she whispered softly into his ear.

There was a pause. “Yes.”

She closed her eyes, and contemplated for a short moment in telling him of her discovery. But no… the moment of accusations had passed for now. For now, just for now… she’d accept his apology.

“Good,” she said finally.

“You… never answered my question.”

Her lips curled up into a little smile. To his studio? To see the band? She went sometimes. A lot more often than the released documentaries implied. Fans were not happy to watch footage of their idols making eyes at another woman. They got jealous. And in Japan (or really, any other country now that she thought about it), jealous fans were sometimes very dangerous fans.

Well… why not?

“I’ll come.”

She didn’t have to look up at his face to see the visible relief washing over his features; she snuggled in closer against his neck, breathing deeply to surround herself in his scent as his arm went around her and they fell asleep like that, with their legs intertwined in their old familiar position.

* * *

Gackt had barely turned the corner to where the members of L’Arc were shooting their latest promotional video when he heard the sounds of nervous feminine giggling.


He rounded the corner with some confusion to be faced with a startling scene of four naked women sitting together in a corner drinking bottles of what appeared to be imported Irish mountain water. He stopped short as his sudden appearance caused all four of them to look up at him with identical looks of silent surprise. Had he mistakenly walked onto the wrong shoot?

But… but no… there was Tetsu strolling past, seemingly oblivious to the obviously unclothed females within his visual range. He appeared to notice Gackt though.

His face registered first surprise at seeing Gackt, and then, oddly enough, relief.

“Gackt-san!” he called, coming towards him. “Thank goodness! Please… you really must come and explain to Doiha that he has to stop acting like a spoiled prima donna and get to work! He listens to you!”

”What… what do you mean?” Gackt managed to utter before he was grasped by Tetsu’s insistent hand. “And… why are they naked?” he nodded his head at the four women.

Tetsu glanced at them, before focusing back on Gackt quickly, a small blush staining his face. “Ah… they’re part of the video. They became, ah, rather tired of getting undressed after each take so they simply refused to cover themselves before we were finished.”

“I… see…”

“And we’re almost done! But Doiha had the singularly strange idea to bring his wife to the filming… and immediately pitched a hissy fit upon finding out that he was supposed to be filming an erotic scenario with… Ridal, over there.”

(One of the women waved upon hearing the name, supposedly her own.)

Tetsu shrugged, “Russians.”

“Ah… I don’t think I should intrude…” Gackt attempted to say, as he fished desperately for a smooth way out of this trap. Megumi was here. This was not a good time to mix. All thoughts flying through his brain were useless, as he was literally almost dragged along by the chattering bassist.

Tetsu paused mid-sentence at that, giving him a strange look. “It never stopped you before,” he replied frankly. “And your appearance now will hopefully force Doiha to act his age!”

Gackt grimaced as Tetsu commenced dragging him along again. This wasn’t what he’d had in mind at all…

Farther up ahead, Hyde was holding up his end of the arm-waving argument between the director and himself. Megumi sat in a corner talking quietly with Yukihiro, looking nervous and out of place, and very, very embarrassed.

“What’s wrong with your scenario?! You okayed it only a week ago!”

“No one told me we were going to start shooting the newest one today—I haven’t even heard the hard copy of the song yet and we’re filming the PV?”

“That’s your own fault! It was mailed to you two days ago—well before you should have started your Christmas activities!”

“Why you fu—!”


Hyde, with his mouth still open ready to ream the director to kingdom come, turned. “Ye—”

He stopped dead, voice dying mid-word at the sight of the tall singer standing beside his friend. On the other side of the room, Megumi too had fallen strangely silent.

Tetsu, distinctly aware that he’d apparently stepped on a landmine stopped short and turned to look at the taller singer with narrowed eyes. “Was there something you failed to explain to me, Gackt-san…?”

“Ah…” struck momentarily dumb by the looks on the couple’s faces, he forced his vocal chords to work, to regain his composure. “Ah… perhaps…”

“What is he doing here?” Hyde inquired of Tetsu, his voice lined with a thin layer of ice.

Hyde’s patented attempt to ignore him was what broke the oral paralysis. “You invited me,” he replied coolly, glad for the icy shield of his blue eyes. “You said you wanted me here…” He paused, as he let his eyes wander around the room where a variety of sets ranging from a bathtub to what appeared to be the backseat of a car were scattered about. “Perhaps for… inspiration…?”

The insinuation was obvious. Tetsu’s cheeks flushed at the suggestion put forth so easily, and looked towards Hyde almost fearfully, since their vocalist’s usual parry to such remarks was flirtation.

But no, Hyde’s cheeks had turned pink with anger, and from between his clenched teeth a low hiss of outrage escaped him. He opened his mouth again, and this time, Gackt knew full well his first words would be of the four-letter variety and he braced himself for the onslaught.

It never came.

Because that was when Megumi, who had walked up unnoticed between the two of them, had taken them both firmly by the arm, and dragged them away with a polite excuse thrown over her shoulder towards the startled director and Hyde’s band mates.

Choosing the most secluded of corners (it happened to be behind the set of the car, used in Ken’s scene), she released them both and rounded on them with a look of impatience on her sweet features.

“This is ridiculous,” she told them sharply. “I did not come here to interfere with your filming, Hi-kun, and you doing your job. Nor did I come here to watch you all day yelling at the director simply because it might hurt my feelings play-acting the same act that you’ve done plenty of times before!”


“—Don’t interrupt me! I know what you were trying to do, love, and I appreciate it, truly I do. But I also know that everyone is getting impatient with you, and I don’t want that, either. And you!

Here she rounded upon Gackt, whose one thought was that how on Earth could such a small woman look so akin to a saber-toothed tiger? “I am absolutely disgusted with you and the games you are trying to play. Don’t you dare try to blow this up out of proportion and make a scene, merely because there are cameras around. You are both making absolute fools of yourselves, and I am not going to allow that. We are going to go back out there, and you two are going to act like the responsible adults you are, or else!

Both men shared a look then and there, of mutual understanding insofar as Megumi’s ability to make them feel like the lowest of the low. Even amoebas had a better sense of self-esteem than they during that one moment. Embarrassment tinged Hyde’s cheeks pink as he finally thought over his childish arguments with the director.

“Do I make myself clear?” Megumi asked them sternly, pinning each of them in turn with her dark eyes.

“As crystal…” mumbled Gackt, feeling like a child and seemingly unable to meet her eyes.

“Good.” In what seemed to be a blink of an eye, she was Oishii Megumi again. Sweet, innocent, and smiling. “We still have much to talk about,” she told them both, her eyes straying to Gackt, who had the sudden impulse to nervously fidget under her gaze. “A lot to talk about…”

She shook her head, and her eyes sharpened. “Later.”

She pointed in the direction of the milling crew. “Now get out there,” she told her husband firmly, “And make love to the camera.”

He opened his mouth as if to say something before he shut it was some difficulty, replacing it with a more Hyde-like lascivious grin. “If my lady bids…”

The three of them reappeared, not necessarily brimming with laughter, but not ready to rip each other’s throats out either. Hyde submitted meekly to the hurried makeup touches and the director’s irate instructions, Gackt obeyed without a word as Megumi led him with her to the side where they would not be intruding on the filming as the crew rushed about, rolling the cameras in place.

One of the blondes strolled in (Gackt could now see she was wearing some form of skimpy underwear, which was all that kept her from being entirely undressed), taking her place with her arms around Hyde’s waist.

“And remember not to show her face!” the director barked as the music started; a seductive mixture of Ken’s guitar and Tetsu’s bass with Yuki’s drums pounding like a quickened heartbeat.

Gackt started. “Why wouldn’t they want her to show her face?” he muttered quietly, “They’ve hired models all the way from Russia, and they don’t want the audience to know who they are?”

Megumi, surprisingly, was the one who answered. “It’s simple fantasy exploitation. They want the fans to live that pretend world… that they’re actually the ones in those positions. If you can’t see the girls’ faces, it’s so much easier to believe…” Her voice was soft, and she never turned her eyes away from her husband, and the Barbie doll of a woman attached to him.

Whatever guilt he had kept at bay roared to the fore and he bit his lip hard enough to taste blood. He hadn’t allowed himself to think of the consequences of what he was doing, and now… her face, carefully blank as she watched, was all that was necessary to force him to go down on his knees and beg for forgiveness. He looked away, so that he couldn’t see her face, that quiet emptiness as she retreated into herself. She knew. Oh god she knew!

He nearly had to sit on his hands to keep them from shaking as he was struck by a terrible sense of paranoia, and dark foreboding.

Around them, the music swelled and Hyde’s full-throated voice began, roughened and sexy and insinuating.

I’m more than a man and I don’t fear falling
I’ve fallen further than your eyes can see,
But something inside me, your body is calling
I’m tumbling toward you like a doom prophecy

STOP!” bellowed the director.

Gackt stared along with the rest of the assembled audience at Hyde. What was wrong with him? His movements were mechanical; he barely even moved his mouth to shape the words that the music was providing him.

“What is wrong with you?!” yelled the director, echoing Gackt's thoughts, by now quite purple in the face. “Can’t you at least pretend you want to get this over with? We have a deadline to meet!”

Hyde turned to him, his eyes empty, as empty as Megumi’s expression. “She’s not doing it for me.”

The woman stiffened; her face went hot with outrage, which indicated, if anything else, that she could understand Japanese. She released a torrent of the invective in what appeared to be Russian at him before she stalked off, properly embarrassed and infuriated, her cheeks burning with the distinct knowledge that she’d been humiliated by this… this… midget.

The director exploded. “Would you grow up, man? It’s not her job to turn you on, we don’t have time for tantrums and we’ve shot everyone else! So even if I wasn’t offended by your remark, I don’t have anyone else to switch her out with!”

Hyde stared him down levelly. “Yes you do,” he told him solemnly.

The man stopped mid-rant. “…What?”

The vocalist walked past him, and made a beeline right for his wife.

“You have got to be joking.” It was Ken. “You can’t have your wife in the video… the fans would go insane!”

“They won’t see her face,” argued Hyde. “And besides…” he turned back to look at the confusion on his wife’s face, “I want to…” His expression broke then, but no one except Gackt and Megumi could see it as he looked down into her eyes and she saw the sadness. He laid his forehead against hers and whispered, “Please…

“Why not let her?” Yuki’s voice was quiet as he laid a hand on Hyde’s shoulder, bringing the singer back to Earth. “It works with the theme we want… better in fact. The fans aren’t blonde and buxom and foreign. If they want to pretend… it would be so much easier to pretend to be her.”

A couple of muttered epithets later, the director threw up his hands. “Whatever. I just want this finished.” Under his breath, a select few standing closer to him could hear him mutter, “Damned rock stars…”

Hyde exhaled with relief, and reached for his wife. “Won’t you?”

She looked up at him with wide eyes. “What am I supposed to do? I don’t know what I’m supposed to do! I don’t know the act! Hi-kun!

He pulled her to her feet. “Move with me,” he whispered, “Just be with me…

Within minutes, she found herself more naked than she’d ever been in front of an audience, her face as red as a tomato. When Hyde reached for her, she jumped as if she were a frightened rabbit.

She heard a snigger from someone in the assembled crew. Her ears burned as she could feel the director’s annoyed impatience.

The music began, and she buried her face thankfully against her husband’s chest, her hair flowing loose behind her, a comforting weight against her shoulders so that no one could see how red her ears had gone. He held her close, and she could feel the beat of his heart, almost in time with the drums in her ears.

She couldn’t see it, but anyone watching Hyde’s face could see the sudden glimpse of open adoration on his face as he looked down at the top of her head, as if she was worth it, as if she was worth everything the music forced him to say. Gackt felt his throat constrict as he watched. The feeling that he did not belong closed in on him.

You answered my kiss with your teeth
My blood on your belly
My hips on your thighs
I drink your sweet whispers
I’ve survived on your lies
The first time you saw me you knew

He lay kisses along her neck; made her body quiver with his touch, his eyes and their intoxicating expression never leaving the camera. Oh his voice… it surrounded her, louder than in real life, rough and promising and seductive…


Oh how had she forgotten? This was the man who’d sacrificed so much so that he could be hers and hers alone. The media didn’t know everything about him, the fans … even Gackt, with all his seductions didn’t know everything. He’d kept all that for her.

Mine… she thought hazily, as his roughened fingertips worked their magic along her skin, Mine, mine, mine…

I want you to run, want you to make me give chase
Beg for mercy when caught, tears staining your face,
Then succumb to desire, see with eyes open wide
As I tear into your chest and slide deep inside

She took a tighter hold, lifted her head enough to look him right in the eyes. He caught her eyes for an instant… just one instant… and then he swayed; a slight movement of his hips, and his body… and he took her with him.

Just like that, their movements became a dance. It was unlike any dancing they’d ever done before—she didn’t follow his movements with her eyes, she followed with her body. He moved and she moved with him, not because it was choreographed—they were beyond that now—but because she simply had to. The rhythm, the beat… all those things that he’d once tried to explain to her he felt when he made music, what she’d never known when she’d tried her own hand at it… it all made sense to her as it swallowed her and forced her to move. It was his rhythm, rough and jagged with the music.

She followed; her fingers burning to touch him, to feel every inch of him as his voice drove her onwards, promising nights of dark fantasies, and of hoarse whispers and screams and moans. She gasped as he bit down, not enough to draw blood, but hard enough to hurt. A threat and a promise… he knew her naughty little vampire fetish! She could all but keep from moaning.

Seized up nude on the tile
You looked and you laughed
I cried out to live, to take my revenge
I’ve parted your knees, pressed inside you
My body divides you a white hot syringe
Baby, I’ve got a Cruel Jones for you

The PV would be broadcast all across Japan, and then indirectly, all over the world. Interspersed as it would be, with all the fans’ dreams, the reality would only hold the two of them.

Right then… because she wanted to—because she had to—she let herself believe it.


End Chapter One. ^^;; Took a bit longer than I intended, added a bit more than I intended, and cut off the sex scene like I knew I would. ^^;;

Because.... I'm evil like that?

And now it's 3:30 in the morning, I swear I won't be alive in school tomorrow, and I've got projects to work on! So! Good night, all! *topples over and falls asleep*

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  • Place of my own

    Someone tried to impress upon me yesterday the absolute uncoolness that was still having an LJ - but really, the only difference between the two of…

  • So this is what three years looks like

    It's funny how our lives seem to fall into a circular pattern. The day after I seriously got down to drafting FFVII fanfic again, the FFVII remake…

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    So I just realized my header image for dearestophelia's profile was removed by Imageshack for being pornographic in nature. What dire…