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*is back and is perky... kind of*

I'm going to do a con write-up. Because I need to do a con write-up. Because this year I actually *gasp* participated and actually *astonished* stayed for the entire thing.

You can read it. It's like fanfic, because I write like I always do, just sans too much gay porn. Rain-chan should already know some of this considering my jumpsqueaking on her on AIM a little while ago. ^^;;

Anyway. Friday involved Mari's gallivanting off to the wilds of the Torontonian metropolis, all the night previous. This part is important for clarity later on, so remember it. Mari. Awake for more than 24 hours. Does not possess super Steph powers of perkiness-while-dead. I need not say this is a very ferocious animal.

So Steph got her hair done. At school. In the 9th grade art class because Kota-girl can do cornrows and I needed them. (Suffice to say they turned out awesome and the girl deserves a cookie for her work, and I do for my superior pain tolerance, guhhh...) They're loose now. Very much so. But they still look awesome and I like them and want to keep them. Perhaps not for always, obviously, but for a little while yet. Have never had anything like them before. I assume others might have pictures, others who might also send me them if they are nice, because I don't own a camera myself and consequently couldn't bring one.

Sarah came. It was like a throwback to the distant past. Sarah done with school. And yet there she was. It was awesome. Hanna's quite through with Wade. This only made the story better. And my cornrows were "tied" with electrical tape. I failed to mention that smidgen of information, but it was pointed out here by someone (me?), so placement of sentence is still sound.

She went home with me, miscellaneous happenings like Steph haphazardly shoving things into her bag (and forgetting many, many other things like... a sleeping bag, which I sure desired several times over within the first few hours) occurred. Mother and father drove us to con. Whee~

We weighed anchor at the Double Tree (after witnessing the tremendous feat of my father executing an entirely unorthodox (read: illegal) driving maneuver in order to get there, as I recall) and were dropped off before we realized that people were all over at the TCC. We needed to cross the street. Ahoy. We sailed off in that direction. (Why I'm referring to the street between the hotel and the TCC as if it were some large body of water, I have no idea...)

Dropped papers. Papers that I've since dubbed the Book o' L'Arc II (since having lost the original, I needed another one and printed it off Friday morning, consequently resulting in it not being bound in any way). Thank goodness there was no wind at this time. Nice man helped me picked him up. Thank you, nice man. ^-^

Anyway. We found Caelin. In that she saw us, and I heard her yell. And she gave us key and we were off (...entirely forgetting to ask where on Earth the hotel room was, and what the room number was). Found Boffo and co. Extracted our membership badges and the location of the secret base was. Returned to hotel. Went to room. Stared at the shockingly small room.

Changed. The window was open. Exhibitionists? Sarah and I? Nah...

In any case, I was Hyde-ified and Sarah was Sally-ified and we were off to meander through the Dealer's Room (first being stopped by guy-who-I-recognized-who-was-staff with a camera and who took pictures of us/namely Sarah). Found Mari and Kat. Somehow managed to find our way in Jrock room (I wanted to know what other people's panels involved). Mari and Kat took key and walked out. Meh. Jrock is not for all.

Sarah and I met nice crazies. We and Witch Hunter Robin girl bonded over the sexiness that is Miyavi, and his tongue. And we met Theoretical Maths samurai.

Later on, in the tradition of anime cons, there were no set three-meals-times. We grabbed sandwich... did something. What exactly we did escapes me now, but we ended up back at the hotel room relatively early, with us contemplating what we wanted to dooo. Oh wait. We went back to talk/socialize/play CSI. We found a plethora of old semen stains on the mattress with Sarah's handy-dandy UV light (yay cancer...?) and our towels glowed green. Ew.

We ended up not-doing anything. Half of us decided it was time to crash, and then Sarah took up residence underneath the test and I curled up on the couch-that-was-bed. Some sort of conversation ensued, anything stupid that was said I immediately whapped the offending vocal chords with a pillow. It seemed like a good idea up until the point where I realized the pillow was not fluffy like the ones I'm used to, and so hurt rather a lot. Kat hit me with me one. I should know.

Anyway, I then shuffled through my L'Arc papers because panel was the next day and I was nervous. I don't like nervous. So I studied like a good little Asian stereotype. Then I remembered that I also had to sing in J-Idol. Oh no! I hadn't honestly been able to sing with the karaoke version (with the lyrics) for months because of something-or-other. I voiced this sudden worry o' mine. Sarah responded with a typical Sarah comment of: "Well why don't you practice?"

Sleep-deprived!Mari (ah, you see, the nights of gallivanting have caught up to our young heroine!) blew up. And bitched. There was a good deal about Sarah, oddly enough, and how I'm only like this around her (o.O;; rather than when the mood strikes me, which is more often than not what causes Steph-transformations) and how it was all her fault. Blink.

It was reminiscient of an age-old Ally rant. Just with no tears.

*shrug* There was no need to make an even bigger fuss about it, even when you consider the fact that it was only around 10:30 and I was expected to be silent. Oh well. Read more. Huddled under blanket, turned off light, was plunged in darkness.

And freezing. We all were. Boffo joined us. He was quite fine, it appeared. o.O

Mari eventually trundled over and huddled under blanket with me. And mmm warm. Steph was quite close to sleep. She might actually have gotten a nice night of good sleep.

The phone rang. We had unplugged one (because we had plenty of people whose cell phones needed recharging, and because Sarah-under-the-table would have somehow managed to wrap it around her neck sometime in the night and strangle herself). Stranger things have happened. (His name was hide.) But there was another one. And it rang. And... no... we had not tried to call anyone, please go away, guh, arlge, shut up, *hangs up*

Sleep now.

Door opened, Jackie and Taco appeared, raised ruckus because Jackie-had-to-sleep-beside-Taco-on-her-right(left?)-because-it-was-tradition-and-she-would-sit-in-chair-and-sulk-until-Mari-moved-and-talk-loudly-until-she-had-her-way.

Guh. More interruptions. We moved over to the bed (which already occupied Caelin and Kat), so we were an awkward foursome on a small bed, legs dangling. At this time, it was near two or three in the morning, so it was reasonable to hope for a little quiet in which to sleep. Well, that didn't happen, but I could ignore it. Kind of.

...And then cell phone rang. GAH. Jackie answered. Decided to get into conversation with said person on phone. Had to call other person. Had to find other phone to find number of other person. Made noise. Steph: *headpillow* It eventually culminated in Jackie throwing cell phone at Boffo's face, effectively waking him up with several choice words of the invective. Nyeh.

The night wore on. I watched shadows crawl.

Total amount of sleep: ~10 minutes

It was decided. This would not happen tomorrow night, or Steph will crack. Hell hath no fury like a sleep-deprived Steph.

I woke up with my neck in agony. It went away soon enough. But I cowered under blanket and shivered because it was cold. Boffo worked wonders and the room was warm again soon enough. (And then people kept taking more and more showers, which lead to it being unbearable, and then we couldn't bring the temperature back down after that...) Showered. Mmm... was good. Although the bathtub was broken and would not drain. >.>;;

Went to eat breakfast. Steph doesn't normally eat breakfast, but she ate breakfast. This was a good thing. She ended up not-eating lunch. But since she was not hungry anyway, and it was mostly her fault for the inconveniencing of anyone who'd stuck around, that can't be a complaint.

Began dressing. Steph was Hyde again, Sarah was miscellaneous 80s/90s glam Jrocker. It worked out. Steph got to draw on Sarah. Was actually rather proud of the teardrop. ^^ Steph wore more makeup than she ever had all at once (and was then chastised because apparently, that wasn't nearly enough), and then added more. Sarah had rubber cement in her hair. It went... crazy.

Caelin was mediator. She didn't have staff. Sigh.

Steph's panel. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA---no. Well, she had an audience. And it was a nice audience. A large one. The Nightmare/Kaggra one only had... five people. I felt sorry for her. And her inability to speak. >.<

I had a nice sign though. Very L'Arc font-ey. Wrote it myself. Should have taken picture, I was actually proud that I could duplicate font. I don't write fonts well, usually.

Mother called, sister was coming. I attempted to tell her the directions.

Steph: *walk in door, go STRAIGHT*
Vicki: ...What? @.@
Steph: ...Straight. Straight line. Gooo~
Vicki: Straight where?
Steph: Straight line. Front door. Forward. March! *people were coming in, Steph was in hurry*
Vicki: ...But that's the front desk!
Steph: Guhhh... no not there, just go STRAIGHT where you will find a hallway and--
Steph: *delegated Mari to find her* Guh...

It apparently takes a rocket scientist to realize that you can walk around the front desk and then keep going straight when someone tells you to go "straight". *headthunk*

But I digress... (again)

Steph: So... what exactly do you know about L'Arc? *attempts to guage audience knowledge levels*
Audience (mainly): THEY'RE HOT.
Steph: ...Oh. *headdesk*

Well, if there was nothing else that could be said about my panel, I did say stuff, and people could hear me. And I had enthusiasm. And a large Book-o'-L'Arc (II).

Showed videos. People knew them. Knew the new ones too. Knew the new ones. Pacified the ones who didn't seem to with RSG. They sang.... the beginning. *sigh~*

Went on longer than the allotted hour because the /\ucifer girl was late. People stayed. I guess they either liked the videos, or my (sometimes) informative comments, or Sarah's comically lewd ones. I got buttons. Whee. ^-^ Of course my Hyde had to have "Jrock is <3" and "Gackt is <3" buttons.

Went over to TCC, sat around for a long while doing nothing and listened to the Jpop entries. Then Jrock. Then Steph went up.

Steph was actually happy with how her voice turned out. Kind of. I've been sick/still am, so I knew I could do fine with the rough, low register, but as I was doing L'Arc's Hitomi no Jyuunin, I needed high notes too. I screwed up once, and brought down one or two lines about an octave, and cracked on one or two notes. It was cringe-worthy, and I was disappointed with myself because this is one of the few songs that I know and can actually sing well most of the time. I made finals though, despite my mistakes. ^^;;

Right after the finalists were announced, we rushed off to the DT hotel for the Masquerade. Got seats. Watched some stupidity go on onstage. Cassie appeared and bounced amongst us just in time for the actual costume skits to begin and to make giggly, childish and inane comments. I wasn't sure if I wanted to strangle her or pet her in pity. The poor dear... Sarah was nigh ready to wring her neck, I'm sure.

*grins* Well... the FFTactics/Yatta! skit was really well-done. ^-^ Quite awesome, to see them all prance onstage, and then watch the boys rip off their clothes and dance around in briefs and fig leaves while the girls rushed around to grab up the costumes and rush offstage. They lived up to a reputation of indecency too, as Josh attempted to pants Jonnith. o.O;; He did catch them in time, but I wonder at just how much of an eyeful the rows up front got.

Then we went out for dinner at about 10. Mmm... food. Too much food in fact. Sister was jumpy and paranoid and utterly annoying with her inability to keep secrets secret. Not that I don't plan to divulge them in my own time because I very seldom lie completely, but hurrah for incompetance. Timing's everything, folks. *rolls eyes*

Went back to hotel. Discussed the possibility of the Jpop dance. Didn't end up going. Wish I had though. Might have been fun. I've never gone before. Something else to look forward to, I suppose. Did end up going to the All-Night General anime room. Slept on floor with pillow stolen from hotel room shared between me and Sarah. Vicki originally came with us, wanted to sleep in the room, walked out, got lost, came back looking sheepish and asking where the elevators were, found hotel room, lounged around, came right back down, decided to sleep with us. She took the line of chairs. We stayed on the floor. It got cold and in Sarah's attempt to find some sort of blanket/towel, she came back with a tablecloth. Smelled like peanut butter.

Watched anime. Ah, ecchi mecha show... and School Rumble (of which I want more), and the show that looked so much like Love Monster that I want more of...

Met crazy little boy who'd decided to park his line of chairs (er... bed, whatever he wished to call it), right in front of my line of sight so that I couldn't see anything of the screen except segmented bits of subtitles. How rude. *bites him*

Steph stole a pitcher of water though. And did not spill it on anyone over the course of the day/night. Did perhaps kick the power bar (she was half-hidden beneath the table-clothed table) and cause the entire thing to turn off, but nothing was broken, so she kept her bank account intact.

Total amount of sleep during night: ~10 minutes

We decided we would go back to the room early at around 7ish. Sarah and Vicki then promptly fell asleep at around said time. o.O;; I went back myself, noted the pair of boys necking/having (quiet) sex on the couch outside the bar as I walked past, made way to room and packed up her things as quietly as possible. Apparently Caelin didn't even notice I'd left the room after I'd finished. Then went back downstairs, curled up with pillow (half-covered in Sarah already) and slept, kind of.

Total amount of sleep during the one hour in the morning: ~20 minutes

Pretty good, wouldn't you say?

We eventually all woke up, trooped back to the hotel room and gathered up our things before we (Sarah, Vicki and I) meandered over to the Tim Horton's beside the TCC so that we could consume food. I still wonder who those odd old ladies in purple and red were. Too bad I'm too polite to ask. >.>;;

What occurred afterwards was a flopping down on the (damp) grass. Eventually Sarah found herself molded into the bushes behind her and she served as my newest pillow. Mm... sleep. Well. Some semblance of pretend sleep, anyway.

There was a goodly amount of waiting in line too for the Dealer's Room. And people talking about D&D behind us. Tee hee. Steph purchased two manga right off. (Mmm... more Kaikan Phrase) Then she bought a small lacy white umbrella which she is not quite sure where it is anymore. o.O;;

Then of course, we get called back to the hotel where we find out stuff lying in the hall. Well. Thank you. Nice to know that our friends will just toss our things out in the hall and leave them, because it "isn't their responsibility". I'm sure it was Laura and Ian's then, to guard them while we had to rush back. Much love, guys. It is good to know what exactly I can expect of you.

In any case, stuff happened, then there was the wait for J-Idol finalists again. I will skim over that timespace and the Para Para dancers in between and skip right to the humiliation that was Steph's performance.

Bad. Horrible. Never want to hear/see myself do that ever again. I started right off with the wrong lines "mou sukoshi dake... shit"

...Yeah. It eventually led up to my forgetting a verse in between, voice cracking once, and I messed up on the timing of the last stanza so that I spent the entire last bit of the song in silence. Guuuuuuuh~

I hate this nervousness business. And this sick business, but I'm not going to shift blame on that. All in all, I was terrible. Pretty good on the low parts, managed to do some of the higher bits still in the low register with which I was happy. But... god... lyrics. I just feel so stupid because I know that song.

Anyway. I got secondary prize. Is fine. ^-^

We went to the LAMIA concert. That was love. They were really great, and I was so angry at the audience because all they could do was sit there and look bored. UGH. There were no people in the reserved seats up front and so we got to sit there and cheer and scream because there were SO FEW PEOPLE DOING IT.

Then they let us crowd the stage, and then it was like they were playing in a small club or a live house... we were right at the stage and jumping and screaming and touching them and talking with it. It was awesome. And they were smexy. The bassist looked like Tetsu. >.> Not a lot, but just a little. Style was quite the same. I'm sure he knew--he does like L'Arc. (Speaking of which, Route 666 played and I screamed it out. Didn't get my kiss. :( But did eventually get a photo taken with him which is almost as good. ^^ Despite the fact that it was Sarah's camera phone so it'd be of dubious quality I'm sure)

I got my purse autographed. *snickers* Ah Jack, you are even more special to me now. I went slightly fangirl. Not nearly as much as I can be, but plenty enough to make me laugh at myself. If anything, I'm sure I made for an appreciative member of the audience. ^^

And Vicki finally cracked and gave me Turbo's safety pin. *snickers* I now own a piece of that boy. Because am I giving it up? Not likely. Maybe if he'd asked for it back, I would've. But he didn't. So... mine, I suppose. *smiles*

Um... the... end.

They got shorter and shorter as I approached the 1:01 AM in the morning-ness. I'm tired. Good night all. I'm back. ^_~


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  • Place of my own

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