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Ah music. My one true love. You'll never abandom me to the wolves, never, never, never.

So I guess I'm going to Waterloo. :( I did so want to go to UofT. But apparently, it's a shitty school and the math program's a joke.

...That was sarcasm, folks. It is not a shitty school in the least, and I want to go there. But I can't. I can't even broach the subject anymore. So fine. I will keep with Waterloo for now and we'll see how it goes.

Dad was random today. Dragged me away from studying (hahahahahaha, I think I just looked like I was studying) in order to open up a bottle of wine. The fizzy, fruity, yummy kind. We consumed the bottle. Vicki got tipsy. *snickers* Don't really comprehend why, but hey, I've stopped questioning by now. At least I know some of the oddness is inherited. ;p

Also added Shin from LAMIA to my MSN on a lark. He added me back and we talked. *laughs* Me! Conversation! Like I told Ryu-kun, I am very bad at this "making conversation" business. Nice guy though. ^-^ He sent me music. And it was good. Really good. Despite himself bashing his own voice. When I thought said voice was fine. Apparently I'm the only one that thinks so? *grins* Well, I never said I was normal. ;p

So... I'm happy right now. Kind of. I have awesome hair. *shakes it* Cornrows. Bitchin'. ^_~
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