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Exams have finished today... I don't think I've ever felt as good as that, leaving that damned frigid cafeteria (it was actually stifling this morning, and froze sometime during the afternoon) and looking forward to a few days without the constant pressure of my parents' eyes looking towards me continuously to check if I'm studying. Severely hampered the fanficcing that did. And the gaming. And the social life, come to it. I nearly had to resort the Chinese Bible study idea, but I stopped short of it in favor of saying I was going out to a friend's to study. You remember that. We partook in watching as Sarah and Mike entertained us with ingesting the most disgusting messes Laura's kitchen could come up with. We watched the fibre-optics swirly for the better part of an hour. We tied Mike to a chair with Mari's belt. Good times.

*triumphantly* Oh, and I found my cell phone. Good ol' me. Dropped it in the car. As opposed to home, school, piles of packed-up snow on driveway... yup. I'm happy.

My father still won't allow my computer to have internet access, even though I've finished exams... says there are too many viruses out there for me to catch--and yet... he lets my sister... keep going on...? *raises eyebrow* *frowns* I'm beginning to more than feel the more-than-obvious favoritism endowed upon the younger sibling.

Anyway, didn't really stop me, I kicked her off hers. And, although I said I'd do Ally's list, I procrastinated. I made about four points. Then, obviously I went on to do other things in the midst of typing. And now it's a bit on the late side.

*yawns* I'm for bed. A good 24hr sleep should do me good.

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