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First off: I've acquired a little cousin! I'm an official 表姐 now! (Er... I don't even want to try to explain the different titles bestowed upon everyone in a Chinese family. Just smile and nod. ^_~) Little boy! Born today! I KNEW there was going to be someone's birthday when I woke up today--I just didn't think it would be the exact day that he would be BORN! @.@ So crazy.

And second off (excuse the liberal swearing): they lost my fucking DVDs. Oh my fucking god. "They were left with your stuff, we packed up your stuff for you when we found your pile"--bullshit. I went back to the room at 7:30 that bloody morning to make sure there would be no "pile of stuff" for them to put in my bag, and there was none (unless you count that sock I appear to be missing...). I still like that after clearly recognizing them as mine, they take them with them instead of leaving them with the rest of my things that obviously weren't going anywhere until I came to get them myself. And now they're fucking missing.

...I want my X Japan and TMR damn it! ;_;

*curls up in Ryu-kun's lap and hides face in tail* ;(
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