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List your current six favorite songs, then pick six other people that have to do the same.

Well, in no particular order... the first songs that spring to my mind. (I'm sleepy and I'm in class. Music doesn't like that. So they'll most likely be new ones. Because I can't think of my actual favorites.)

1. L'Arc~en~Ciel - New World I want this single. Yes. Yes I do. And Jyojoushi but that's besides the point.
2. Miyavi - Shori no V-ROCK!! Because rough Miyavi sex is hot. :)
3. Miyavi - Freedom Fighters- Ice Cream Motta Hadashi no Megami to, Kikanju Motta Hadaka no Osama- And I couldn't resist that name. Or that tongue, for that matter.
4. L'Arc~en~Ciel - Jyojoushi Not their best, and there are some parts of it that dislike but oh my the rest? Gorgeous. *o*
5. Gackt - Metamorphoze Not his best, he's getting lazy, or something I think. But still... I love the melody and his voice in here still. Less and less of the warbling vibratos.
6. Lamia - Lamia Because I have it, and Shin's voice, stuck in my head. *wanders off with this huge thought bubble trailing after me playing music*

And people! I don't have any idea who've done this yet. I've seen it everywhere.

Um... *clicks randomly*
1. kagome_angel
2. noakun
3. ideom
4. missgoku
5. miya_fangirl
6. qtbug

Also... I want that SMILE DVD. Possibly as an early birthday present to myself (GUESS WHAT GUYS? I'M GOING TO BE 18 AT THE END OF THE MONTH :O) Despite (or perhaps even because of) the laughter-inducing front-and-back covers.

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