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It appears even after a severe blocking, and deleting, as well as a change of emails, I can still be haunted by that blasted boy. I check my Hotmail address (which I... never do) and I open up to near two dozen spams all with variations of "AIDAN LOVES YOU!" and "AIDAN FUCKS YOU!" and so on and so on.

This... is getting quite creepy. Could be coincidence, I guess. Heaven knows I've gotten plenty of spam mails before. But they're not of the same genre/variation, nor are they usually by the same "person."

Can I take a stab at it and guess that it's him?

Why will he not leave well enough alone and keep with his girlfriend? Who, I might add, already hates me enough, thank you very much.

Or I could just be being paranoid. I have my moments of that. I sure hope I am.

Deleted them anyway. With my luck they're some form of deadly evil virus-ey virus that will completely and utterly destroy Fubuki's hard drive or something. :S

Mailing stuff HOPEFULLY tomorrow. Sure don't relish a mid-morning jaunt in this weather, but eh, it'll get worse before it gets better, I'm sure. Besides, I'd rather Rain-chan recieved her things before her birthday. They make for a poor gift I know, but I have naught else. ^^;;

Maa... Keita is grasping at the pedestal of "Steph's love(s) of her life" and the other two aren't that far behind. @.@ Dear, dear...
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