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Dancing through life~

I'm bored. I've worked hard enough on my report, I don't want any more. :(

So! I'm going to give you all an exerpt of the next part of Coming Home (I actually want to change it to "Coming Closer".)

Despite the initial guilt, once the memory had faded somewhat and Megumi’s eyes lost their power to make him cower in his mind’s eye, he could feel that fierce, hard feeling well up in his chest. Pride, perhaps? It was like justifiable retribution.

How dare they look so happy? In public?

Oh yes, out of the media’s eye of course. It made them that much sought after, they still trolled the house by the dozens waiting, waiting for them to slip up and reveal just what was worth all their efforts to keep their affairs private. But they were members of society either way, and there were parties and gatherings… and when they did attend, they were always together. Always.

It was almost sickening.

They were rock stars. They were adored and loved and lusted after by millions. They were not supposed to marry. They were supposed to stay eternal and famous, with a steady supply of beautiful nubile young women begging for sexual favors. Then, when their time came, they would all go with a bang, something big and bright and explosive and memorable with multitudes of sobbing girls screaming their names.

They were not supposed to be happy in a marriage. They were not supposed to fall in love with their wives. They were not supposed to have children. They were not supposed to wish for a nice, quiet way of dying, just fading out of existence.

So it was right that Hyde should beg. That he should look up at Gackt through gritted teeth and eyes gone almost unfocused with desire and moan his name. To feel him hot and sweaty and writhing and put in his place.

He wasn’t supposed to have a happy marriage and a happy family life.

So he wouldn’t have one.

*shrug* I rather like the way this is going. This fic has been on my mind so much lately I've taken to dreaming out bits of it. Trying to plan out how to make Megu and Gackt have sex is bloody difficult when they hate each other.

Speaking of hate. I hate my DVD burner and how it (probably) coastered Rain-chan's DVDs. I hate Aidan who won't leave me alone. And I hate Nem's husband and the awfulness that is absolutely everything that he does or says. GAH.

And I hate this school business. One more week. ONE MORE WEEK. 5 days left now.

Oi, and all of you. Heads up, Steph's turning 18 in 9 days. Almost legal! ;p

And... god, I love this song. *_*
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