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Look! Steph has a new icon!

Okay, it's not really new. I've used it before. But who can say they've seen it before? I can guarantee not half of you. Not even a quarter, probably. ;p (It's Ayumi, by the way, not me, in case any of you are going to ask ^^)

But yes. Chem tomorrow, Data day after, Bio day after that. Then I'm done. Who wants to do something on Friday? I have been under house arrest for the past two weeks and I want out!

Also, who can tell me exactly how Hydeist works? I need to do research for new fic in my head that I really really love and rivals my Mirror fic. Aya certainly doesn't seem to be responding to me. :(


I said I would pimp, and I am. Shoddily, 'cause I'm lazy and I have to get off now. But. Lamia forum. Join you.

[Edit]: I have time (a little) to expand. Lamia = Toronto-based JRock band of which I am passing fond. There's not much to it yet, but as I said, more people to force them to add more means faster progress, I'd like to think.

And if anyone's interested in joining an LJ comm that I've started (alongside Sarah ^^) that hasn't officially opened...

Why might you join such a thing, you ask? Especially if there's nothing in it, as of yet? Why, I'll tell you! BECAUSE...


I asked nicely? ^^;; Yeah, I've got nothing. 'Cause you love me? *smiles winningly?* And music, obviously. A reasonable requirement.

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