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And so it continues with nothing much in between

Well, the new semester's started. *cringes* Yay for classes in which I talk to next to no one. Meh, I believe I'll still be reeling over my lack of time to do anything else with the amount of stuff that needs doing this semester that I probably won't even notice. *looks at schedule* Speaking of, all teachers I've had on my list have mysterious switched themselves. So... how's that Vankova?

Anyway, I have, after so very long, finally been able to go online once more. Which means, of course, the continuation of my lists! Ha! Look at me and my ability to actually find something to do that'll keep me posting regularly.

Oh, and I'll have you know, that this list of Ally's has been written at least four consecutive times. First time, I didn't have enough time to finish before shutting down the computer, the second time because I was just too depressed to really think of anything to say, the third (when I actually nigh-finished it mind you) my sister goes and closes my window, and the fourth, well.... this is it.

Ally: blonde, bouncy, crazy. We love her. Just 'cause.

1. She's crazy. But in a different way. In a good different way.

2. She's "socially-savvy".

3. She's a career gal. She knows where she's headed unlike some of the rest of us who just sit back and admire her for it.

4. The Ally rants. No lunch hour has ever been complete without an Ally rant.

5. She's happy about the craziest things.

6. She'll go into a sort of squick-induced seizure when one or another of us mentions something impossible for her to comprehend. (*looks back at previous sentence* Hrm... somehow that didn't come out the way I wanted... *shrug*)

7. She likes boys. No, this is a valid point. The rest of us, we refer to them as "men", which then goes on to referring to "older men". She's content with what reality produces as a male, not what our daydreams produce.

8. She'll get excited over things we'd never think of to be so excited about. (i.e. Neuchatel pens, camp, other people's love lives)

9. She actually gives a shit about other people's love lives. Some people wouldn't.

10. She'll try everything once. We'll give her that much credit. It's not her fault she doesn't necessarily like some of the things she'll try.

11. She, according to our 10th grade acquaintances, is the "leader".

12. She too appears to somehow attract the crazies. But the different sort of crazies. The kind that likes to throw random things. You know, like snow, smoke bombs, bits of food, shoes...

13. The only one who can be raped by a Physics test. (Was it Physics?) To the point of needing to crawl on her belly to a hospital.

14. She's got this uncanny ability to get the rest of us interested in her love life.

15. She's a lemon-flavored yak.

16. She makes a pretty spiffy Janet.

17. When she's got an opinion, she'll state it.

18. She's sporty. Again, admirable for the rest of us to avoid the track/fitness room like the plague. And not only because of the smell. There's the principle of the thing too. That and we're lazy.

19. She knows herself, her limits, and she's damn well fine with it.


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