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^^;; You know me... I hate whinging, for the most part... but I felt a need to get this off my chest before I go off on vacation and compound it with my traditional bitchfests with my father. Happens every time. We really don't make good company for each other over extended periods of time, I think. ^^;;


I hate this sneaking of wireless Internet from some unknown neighbour merely because my father cannot get our own wireless network working after trying to connect Vicki's spanking new laptop to it several days ago. This means intermitted flickering on and off MSN and AIM but usually not enough to maintain any sort of reasonable conversation with anyone. This doesn't really anger me... it just irritates me somewhat.

Oh. And did I mention Vicki has a new laptop? "You have to wait 'til University!" my ass. Sure, she whines and screams and throws tantrums and she gets expensive presents. I whine, even a little, and I'm a shame to the family. >.>;; Favoritism at its most blatant, folks. Everybody knows it, everyone even tells them they can see it, and they know it and don't know how to stop it. It's kind of cute, the way they can fool themselves so well... you know, in that very sad way. That's what our whole family life is, anyway, them lying to themselves. But as that hurts entirely too much to even think about, I'm not going into that, much less find the capability in me to be able to write it down.

^^;; I think that might actually be what this entry is about... me doing what I always do and side-stepping around the main hurt and fussing about the superficial. Well... I don't know how to stop it. Saying it, writing it or even thinking about it will just make me more afraid, and I don't think I can stand that right now. ^^;;

So! I'll stay with just the superficial! THEY NEVER GOT ME A BIRTHDAY PRESENT! *pouts* Wanna know why? Because they'd already spent too much buying my sister's laptop! ;p

Seriously though... I sometimes wonder how they can spend $1000+ on my sister for no apparent reason, can take us to HK for a 3-week crosscountry venture, and yet won't even consider letting me buy this for myself as a present to me.

In conclusion (or to summarize, for those who avoided the lj-cut ^^): Steph's parents are meeaaaann :( :( :( and I'm greedy and want presents and I'm very, very weird.

^_^ I think I'm just not meant to understand my parents, huh? Or myself even, and my apparent mood swings. I was just blinking back tears, ten minutes ago, wasn't I? And here I am smiling and singing along happily to Love Flies. *shakes head* Just more evidence to support the "Steph is completely and utterly off her freaking rocker" claim.

*shrugs and dances off to the sounds of Stay Away to replay Donkey Kong 64*

P.S. Seven, no SIX days now! left until I go flying off to parts unknown. ^_^

P.P.S. The Trax are fucking awesome. I failed to mention that when I first heard their music. (Stupid me) But now I've been finally able to download the PVs which leaves me slack-jawed at how pretty they are too. :O :O :O They are so coming with me to HK. ^^
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