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What kind of person LIES about their cat being set on fire?

I didn't think anyone could! People who have pets usually tend to... well... in one way or another care about their pets. But no! I found a winner here, folks. Meet city_glitter, one of the worst people I have (luckily) never had the chance to meet. I'm just going to post it here in my own journal because I don't think I've the right to add to the literal thousands of people commenting when I haven't been directly involved in any way.

Long story short, it goes like this: she came out wailing on LJ about how her cat had been set on fire by some crazy people on the fourth of July and began to take in donations from people to foot the $5000 veterinary bill.

Her case got spammed fifty ways across the internet, and hundreds of people fell over themselves to donate to the poor kitty. Enough to rack up the aforementioned $5000 I think and more. (See what nice things people will do when they want to help? See what horrible people like to squander that human decency for their own ends?)

Anyway, a friend of hers, foxfur, called her out on it, which eventually led her to be raked through the coals (but not before doing so herself, first) for speaking out and all those inevitable things that happen when you speak out by city_glitter's friends. Anyway. Questions were asked, wanks were had, shared, whatnot.

And so! city_glitter comes out again to "apologize". Because no! Her cat had never been burned, all that angst and worry and drama about her cat that she said she'd been going through was completely fake! It was all a "psyochological experiment" to prove to her father that there human kindness still existed.

Gotta love people who'll put their friends through hell defending them, and then rubbing their faces in the dirt by betraying their trust like that. Gotta love people who'll just up and steal $5000+ from hundreds of wonderful people, then turn around and drag her friends and her family into saving face.

Huh. *whines* I've lost my faith in humanity, look at what these horribly horrible people can do!!! I want it back!! Donate to me!!! :( :( :( !!


That said, I'm rather ashamed to admit that this issue was on my mind a heck of a lot more than the Londom bombing which killed dozens of people and which seems a heck of a lot more important than one girl lying about her cat, huge LJ drama though it sparked. I do care. But for me, all I've heard about is from my dad mentioning it. Word of mouth, telling me facts. It doesn't hit you the same, doesn't it? Or maybe I'm one of those crazy people who (actually) care more about animals than the whole human population... but I don't think I'm like that, am I? No, I know I'm not.

I had more to say. But they're silly personal things that don't really matter when faced with the rest of the stuff I've gone and posted about. Mostly me pouting at how the first thing my aunt says to me (aunt from HK whom I've not seen in nearly a year) is "Oh my god you need to lose weight!". Well, not really pouting. That involves caring a bit more, and I don't really. ;p

*yawn* 1:30 in the morning now. Not even going to try to formulate coherent sentences. Steph has to go to Toronto tomorrow to buy ginseng apparently. And stuff. Pack too. Mum rescinded promise of buying hair dye for Steph. Expected as much. (Man I hate being cynical about my family sometimes... >.>;;)

Even more tired now. All of you. Go look at my icon. I think it's the shiniest thing in the entire world and I laughed my ass off at it. And I don't know who/where it's from? Anyone know/can tell me so that I can credit?
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