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First of all, LiveJournal is in Chinese. o.O;; Had I needed to read it, I would be hopelessly flummoxed as to what I need to do to post. As is, it's not hard to click the button that's still blessedly "Update Journal".

So! Steph is in HK at her aunt's house and in a really big hurry because she has to leave to yet another important "meet the innumerous number of cousins" dinners that I've been flung into right, left and center these past few days. So a real post shall have to wait 'til tomorrow when I use the hotel's internet to do all my course enrollment stuffs. Fun fun.

I also don't have nearly enough time to go through all those comments left in my inbox. 167!! 167!!! @.@

None of you are online, either (except Rain-chan :3), which means :(! I will forgive you because my watch tells me it is still 6:52AM where most of you are. However, you had better be on tomorrow morning (read: the PM for you guys)! Now, I am going to read as many of those many comments as I can before I zoom off.
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