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I am officially back home.

Granted, I was officially back home two days ago, but I've been tired. Jet lag took about a day and a half to hit me and then I collapsed on my couch and slept for four hours and then woke up to wander around the house 'til four in the morning.

Come to think of it I'm still tired now. And I'll be damned if I've gotten too tired to blog. I want to scan in my new photobook (or you know, even the old one, but the new one doesn't have a spine that could be hurt badly by scanning). But it's longer than the glass on my scanner which means I'd have to scan each "page" twice and put them together. Hell no. I'm pretty sure I have another scanner around here that has a greater scanning area, but I'll have to go hunt for it. x_X;;

And I still have yet to make one long, long 3-weeks-packed-in-one post as to the goings-on of my vacation and all its snazzy traveling loveliness. I'm sleepy, and really really busy. >.< Old news, that.

In a newer news update (well rather old now, but as I haven't told anyone it's new for you), Steph's inbox has been flooded by a series of emails tossed around by her new flatmates. Yes, that's right. And despite the possibility that I will end up loving them like sisters, they're just that tad bit... chirpy.

"HI! So Im Megan, I thought i'd email everyone to say hey considering we are gonna be living together next year! Im so excited! So ya, im in engineering, and i have a feeling so are you guys! I was just wondering if you were planning on going this saturday or not to the 101 thing. So ya, email back, it would be awesome to know a little bit about you's! I dont kno wat there is to know about me... haha. Im nice, pretty easy going, i love tennis!! I like summer sports like skiing and stuff (tubing haha). I dont kno, if u want to know anything just ask!


Oh well, I will just have to see.

Anyway on a last note, all the Lamia jazz is lynch-pinned to Moon Child right now because she was supposed to be the one who was supposed to alter the website layout she'd already done, and make the LJ one. Lovely thing is, she's gone and disappeared on me. x_X;; Go figure. As anyone who's seen the comm's layout can see, my own attempts leave much to be desired. Sigh. Must get self off lazy ass and do something. >:( Why must I be the kind of person who doesn't like to let her promises go so easily? *grumbles*
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