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I'm not done yet!

Hah! Peter Pan is a wonderful way to keep my sister occupied downstairs with the DVD player. Thank you Alex. Hmm... well, today was Jess's semi-formal. So after dropping her off, her parents/brother went and dropped by my house just to hang out with my parents and me. I proved to Steve just how well I can play FF VII without ever having played it before and getting all those items that he managed to overlook in his game. Sara's still at University. Parents talked about miscellaneous things including me and my grades, blah blah blah.

Oh! I almost forgot. I made a snowman. :D Yes, yes I did. I went home sulking about my report card, then I got home, then I sulked around the kitchen table devouring junk food, then I started talking with my mother and my sister. Then the topic of snow came up. Then I said, "Let's build a snowman! You wanna?" She did. So we went outside. I made a hobbit. Yes, yes it was in fact was waist-high. She made a... well, she made a very large snowball. Then she kicked it. And killed it. Then she made another teensy snowman that's about as tall as a marker would be standing up. Thank you, I prefer my hobbit and its "rakish" hat.

Anyway, I told myself I'd post on LJ, and I am. After all, the lists aren't done! So...


Laura! Why we love you!

1. She's one of the nicest girls I've ever known.

2. I'll quote her on this one. "You know there're these people who you can just meet and seem to have known them for forever?" Well, she's one of them.

3. She was once a true-blue Gryffindor. And just look at her now! Quite a convert I'd have to say. *bows* I'll take the credit for this, thank you very much.

4. She too is married to Sarah and Mari. Several times as well.

5. She's got fun, crazy friends, and that doesn't mean only us!

6. My first true fellow anime fan at OT. I didn't know Sarah had an obsession until much later when we were discussing some anime or other in the library and Sarah just happened to be there.

7. She can sing. She can sing very pretty.

8. She can draw. She can draw very pretty too. But this and the above mentioned everyone already knew so it should have gone without saying.

9. She can draw in Paint (well, I might add) without the added benefit of a graphics tablet. Am so insanely jealous.

10. She hates olives. Thank you! I have company amongst those who love them.

11. She's one of the only people who can send all five of us leaping to our feet to run over and hug the moment we see she's entered the cafeteria.

12. She's got the best "I'm plotting something evil about you and you very well know it!" chuckle I know.

13. She likes Potstickers too! Whee!

14. Did I mention her copious amounts of Harry Potter porn?

15. And doujin?

16. And fanfic?


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