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I went and decided I wanted a penpal. Obviously, because I'm me, said penpal would be nice if they were Japanese. So I went and began looking. The gay boys tempted me, but they're all looking for other gay men, and it was too late at night/too early in the morning to pretend I was a legitimate gay male in an email.

Either way, I went and put up the ad (something I swore I'd never do by the way, but as I'm unlikely to find reasonable penpals in other countries, I'll waive it this time) and promptly went to bed. Which reminded me that Selah promised me extra bit of her GakuHaiEev and which made me forget this entry for a minute and a half to drown in an Extremely!Sexy!Seme!Hyde an Innocent!Sleeping!Miyavi and an Uke!Gackt. Mwee~~~

Er right. Entry. Anyway, I woke up to find a response. In reasonable English and I went "Weerrrr? Proper English-speaking Japanese person? Squee~~"

But no, she appears German. My reply email was just as eccentric as the ad, so for all intents and purposes, it looks like she's probably not going to run screaming away from me. I think I prefer Vicki's newfound penpal. American. But damned insane and awesomely crazy. In the good way. Well. Americanly good way. ;p

I think this latest one is the cutest though:
my name kikutani takeru
i,m 19 year old japanese male
please your e-mail

^.^ Cuute.

...I must definitely be bored if I go off looking for penpals. ;p Since when do I actively go out looking for one? o.O;;
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