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And so ends my Frosh Week. Not that it's actually ending, U of T is coming over tomorrow for a football game, but I don't like football. So I'm going to ignore that.

What is there to say about it? Didn't know anyone in the beginning: met people, talked to them, introduced self, made small talk, promptly forgot their names and eventually walked off.

But, one of my flatmates, Cherry, turned out to be one of the girls I'd met at some Chinese class or other over the years and we looked at each other and went "O.O--I know you!"

Then I found Florence. Whom I also knew from years ago from Chinese class. There's the asian for you--we're a crazily closely-knit community where everyone knows everyone else in some way or another. And her cousin Laurence. Whom I could've sworn I've met before too, but whatever. ^_^ And her friend Sharon who I found was a fellow Japan-lover and knew who Gackt was. And L'Arc. And HYDE. And hide. (etc.) Altan ain't got nothing on this girl--I had to prompt him in order to recognize X-Japan. And then I met.... damn it I really must learn how to spell his name. ^_^; (Edit: Never mind, I went and did a most ingenious thing--I asked. Ronsen. Hah. See, I make efforts!) A lot of our conversation consists of him and me making ridiculous comments and sexual innuendos (I've been getting that from everyone these days, I think: haruka, Nem, and Sel all inclusive ;p)

I also like that after my stunning meeting with Cherry, I was smooshing around at the SLC building a day or so after and talking on the cell phone... and Florence walks past. Of course I have to get up and talk to her and mishmash other things involving inviting myself to their dorm rooms, then returning the favor by showing off the godliness of my flat at MKV. And Cherry and Florence knew each other! (Sharon was involved in all that too, but she doesn't count so much as I've only seen her the once.) I'm telling you, it's the whole asian thing.

So yes. Florence managed to invite the two guys over to my place, I went to open the door (down the hall) and let them in, blahblahblah we ended up wandering around over to watch Team Ryuoku (the extreme martial arts team that I remember Jonnith showing me one time)--and then heading over to Fed hall where Steph worked very hard at not-dancing (and succeeded, obviously because I had Cherry to back me up and Florence wasn't really dancing either, though I think she tried). Ended up walking (the long way, mind you) over to UWP to check out (all right, Ronson? Rhonson? Rawnnnnnsoooonnnnnn.... I'm just calling him 'Guy')'s room. He has a flat too... kind of. It's two rooms which share a kitchen and bathroom--and their rooms are much bigger. It was pretty hilarious too to see him trying to figure out what his mum would think if he told her he'd just brought back three girls (two of which he'd only just met) and his best friend to his room at 1 in the morning. We raided his refrigerator. ^_^ Or at least he did, and subsequently fed us.

Next night was that Smorgasbord thing. Passed right by the movie playing and the sumo wrestling and found our way to the board games where we ended up playing Blockus. I won. I rock. Then the three of us (that were female) wandered off to the karaoke room. Found Alys there. Apparently she goes here. Apparently she failed to get into whatever vocal-y whatnot she was trying to get into and was just there to take something stupid and show off in the karaoke room. She sang. Then I sang. I most certainly kicked her ass. She may do warbly soprano that no one can hear (and so can I, but she's usually louder so that doesn't count), but when it comes to low and husky, I'm your girl. Bwahahaha.

Then we moved onto console games. There was DDR with those really nice plastic-and-metal mats that don't move at ALL. And I played. And I was good. But then more people came on and continually Ace everything on Heavy--one even without getting up off his chair. So yes, no competition with that. But as for the rest? I think my innate asianness brought me as far as I went. The rest involved a certain level of insanity that I just didn't possess. But spent the rest of the night playing that or playing Mario Kart or playing (for all of a minute)/watching the original Rampage where you get to destroy buildings and consume people. Those were the good ol' days... the controls are so awkward with a PS2 controller though. o.O;

Monte Carlo night the night after involved me dressing up as per advised. I'd just been craving a strawberry daquiri and my don plops one down right in front of me. Alcohol-less of course, but I went "oooh~" at it and drank it. And it was good. And I played Blackjack. And did well. And I was nice and didn't hoard my chips because the rest of them were cleaned out and I don't really want to keep playing without them. ;p Ended up bringing things to Florence's room and we collapsed our respective selves on her chair/bed and consumed her cup noodles and my grapes and... whatever other food we ate. Then of course Cherry promptly climbed INTO the bed, and Florence and Laurence were playing racing games on the laptop and Guy and I were half asleep/talking with each other until we had the bright idea of listening to Florence... who had begun to whine about us leaving so we could sleep. *grins* I missed that girl...

Today involved Steph spilling much food on herself, being courted by bees, and... sleeping in her room. Oh, and learning how to play Foosball and re-learning how to play ping-pong. ^-^! And driving home with Anna while making pleasant conversation all throughout the way. Who says I can't be social? Pah!

I'm pretty sure there was more, and there was. But I'm cutting out the academic parts and the parts that I'm just too tired to remember and I'm pretty sure I sound like I've devolved over the week, but... meh. =_= Time for an 8:30 nap.
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