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So, Steph has been expressly forbidden to go to the Lamia gig on Sunday. Because of course, she has to study, she has to do well.

. . . I don't suppose the parents realize that if I don't go to Toronto on Sunday, I'll be back here at rez, curled up on someone else's bed watching anime or playing games and sulking and hating them for it. And these kinds of activities span into the early hours of the morning, or tend to. Sigh. I did so want to see the bands play. I wonder if I can change their minds? Or go, regardless? I don't know. I don't have the mental strength to quarrel with them over that right now. I'm wrung out, and so very tired. And I detest being by myself. Since when did I become so needy? Everytime I'm alone, I find myself too restless and upset to concentrate on studying. Which is a bad thing, considering I need to get things done and I'm not making a single effort. Not even to feed myself, which is strange in and of itself. *shrug* Maybe it just feels this way because I'm currently sick and still upset.

Does Sarah still intend to go? Even if I might not be able to? I can still manage to get you and anyone else you think might care to go from kamiJO, I guess.

In other news, I woke up late today--and I say "woke up" as if it were of my own power. Nah, my mother called at 9 this morning and asked me about something or other that I don't care about or already knew about, and I realized that I'd set my alarm clock too early this morning and had promptly shut it off and gone back to bed. I nearly had a heart attack because I thought I was already late for my first class--and ran around in a frenzy before realizing it was at 9:30. Still managed to get to class on time, but that's with much tearing around the flat and a fast walk to the MC building.

And in closing... you never know how much your LJ friends' tastes affect you until you walk through the school's poster fair and stop right in front of the Luis Royo print and go "Ooooh~~~ *wants*!" before realizing you recognized the style from Rinoa's LJ. ^^; My my.

Also: listening to Boards of Canada while alone in your rez is CREEPY. *shivers*
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