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Oooh, new icon for Steph. It's so hard to pick them, since I have an array of so many (especially after having met Sel) that people offer up to me. Naturally, they usually end up being the silliest ones. Like this one. I took it. That spot of red text? No, I didn't learn how to make subliminal microtext, that's the date that the camera automatically stamps on the picture and I didn't bother to remove it as I shrunk it, bordered it and uploaded it. ^^;

Am home now. Have midterms on Monday and Tuesday (and probably more soon after, but I haven't found out yet), have two assignments due Wednesday, and a midterm essay to write. Have to finish The Scarlet Letter by... um... yesterday. So, as soon as possible. I don't know if I have time enough to do all that this weekend, guys. Just watch me break, I swear.
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