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Tee hee

Within mere hours my parents have changed their minds from deciding that I should stay here today (and thereby miss out on my commencement) to driving out to bring me out... if only to drive me back in a good... five hours later? :S The poor car... and gah, gas money. x_X;

Speaking of money, I received my phone bill yesterday. o.O; Not for my cell phone, that goes right to my mother, this is the phone bill for my res phone... And according to it, it was to be paid... two days ago.

...Yes, so I receive the bill one day, and the money was due the day before. x_X; Right.

Same thing goes for all of my flatmates. So now I want to know what I'm supposed to do. o.O;

Meh, I'll handle it. What I might not be able to handle are my CS and MAPLE labs... :S I just hope the program I downloaded works... if I'm stuck without a crack, I'm screwed. Or I could go and see if the computers in the MC building have MAPLE and can let me work on it there... but I don't relish a cross-campus walk in the dark that late at night. Hrmmm....
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