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Steph has two major assignments due tomor--erm... later this morning, and she has about half of one done, and half of the other done. Is Steph working rapidly to remedy this problem?

...No, she's drawing/coloring. Oh, this cannot be a good sign...

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Lookit, anyhow. Crappy webcam pics beats the time I'd waste scanning at any rate, so... *shrug?* I'm a bit apathetic right now. I had my nervous breakdown earlier today, thank you very much.

Went to one class out of three. Bad, bad kitten. Messed up royally on the midterm I'm sure. Erika appeared at my door earlier tonight and handed me my keys. Oh my keys. My blessed, blessed, huggable keys. *nuzzles them*

...Even though I don't know where they've been. *horror*
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