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Because otherwise I'll forget. Anyway, I was talking on webcam with an old friend of mine (we hadn't talked in months/years) because I was also working on my assignments at the same time too.

And so the conversation goes on, and it goes like this:

Steph: Yes, and I'm living an alcohol-free life up here in the sticks. ;p
Nick: *has this odd look on his face* Yeah.. well I guess that's a good thing, what with your condition and all....
Steph: *blinks* What condition? (aside: I have a bad feeling about the direction of this conversation....)
Nick: *waves hands a little* You know... alcohol's not good for the baby...
Steph: ...Mon Dieu.
Nick: What?
Steph: I'm... not pregnant...
Nick: *incredulous look* You're fucking kidding me.
Steph: Ah... no?
Nick: Just look at you! How could you not be?
Steph: *aghast*

Okay, first a 30+ year old Campus police guy hits on me when I go into Campus Police to ask about my keys (this was yesterday, but I was so busy complaining about other things it slipped my mind--odd), then an old friend of mine thinks I've got a bun in the oven. I'm overweight I know, but damn it I'm not THAT bad! @.@

Why is the world trying so hard to make me hate men? Jesus. o.O;

On the upside, they found my keys.
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