Stephanie (mirroredsakura) wrote,


Upon delving into random message histories looking for the link to something, I find this.

11/3/2005 6:09:35 PM Ron- AntiSocial- In class [Stephanie] (250/50 000) I WANT YOUR BABIES
11/3/2005 6:09:44 PM Ron- AntiSocial- In class [Stephanie] (250/50 000) NVM, YOUR FIST BORN ONLY
11/3/2005 6:10:08 PM [Stephanie] (250/50 000) Ron- AntiSocial- In class i can't have any babies by my fist
11/3/2005 6:10:22 PM [Stephanie] (250/50 000) Ron- AntiSocial- In class o.O; it's an unfortunate problem with my hand being unfertile

Man I have random conversations. ;p I never did get a reply to that. Then again, how can you really reply to that anyhow? o.O;

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