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I'm living my worst nightmare.

Or at least one of them. I have many.

This morning started out well. This weekend went well actually. I should've known I was in for a crash!

I wake up. Early. After going to bed relatively late! I was proud of myself. I was awake and coherent when Laurence called me this morning, and I can actually remember (well) the conversation we had. I had time to take a shower, eat breakfast and get to class EARLY.

And then the professor walks in and says "Hehe, so are you guys ready for the exam?"

I think I died right then and there. Insofar as I think all internal organs stopped functioning as I stared in abject horror at the blackboard as he wrote down the time and the room number.

Holy fuck I'm going to fail. I don't know any of this!

[EDIT]: I don't think I made myself as clear as I wanted to. Silly me. Let me recap.

I found out I had an exam.

I found out the exam is today.

I found out the exam is in T-8 hours and I know jack.

I found out just how gleefully academic failure can dance upon your head.

*crawls into a hole (with her books) and dies*

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