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Yes, that's right. Steph wrote stuff. And not just any stuff. This is completely and utterly NC-17 rated stuff. And it's completely different from all the other smut I've written. That, despite the odds, managed to stay eloquent (or at least, as much so as I could help it). This one. Oh man, this one's pure pornographical goodness.

...Well at any rate, it's pornographical. I'll leave it up to you to decide whether or not it's good.

Straight pairing, ~500 words, total PWP.

Holiday Special

~New Years~


Unnnghh!” Her voice was rough and breathless as his hands gripped the soft firmness of her buttocks, lifted her higher for more leverage and ground his hips against hers, fucking her into the dark fur coat that had the bad luck of being right hung next to the wall in the cramped confines of the closet. Gasping, she scrabbled desperately for something to grip onto, settling on the cold steel rack above her head. It rattled hard against the wall as she yanked down on it with each pounding thrust of his into her.

“No, no, don’t do that baby, you’re going to break it and… and… oh fuck!” he hissed, as she complied, turning her attentions to his back, grabbing fistfuls of his shirt and scoring her nails in hot lines across his skin, even through the thin material of his shirt.


Oh god! Oh god, god, god, god, GOD!” she moaned, her swollen, flushed lips wide open as she gasped for air under his relentless onslaught.

“Faster!” she begged, “Please, please, please, faster!

He grit his teeth together hard to keep from coming just at the delicious sound emanating straight from her throat. Oh fuck, she was so tight! He pounded into her slick, hot wetness, her lower muscles squeezing the hell out of his cock as he doubled his speed.


He caught one pert nipple in his mouth, and she let out a little scream, one hand clutching at the back of his head, urging him on. “Yes! Like that, yesss!!” She was like candy, he couldn’t get enough of her—her nipple was so hard against his tongue, and he sucked it, hard, as deep into his mouth as it could go, kneading her breast with his teeth when he could take in no more, and she screamed again, grinding harder against him as if in reply.



Ahh!” she yanked at the back of his head, pulling him away from her breast. “Kiss me,” she breathed, eyes wide at feel of the steadily-rising explosion inside her. “Fucking kiss me, damn it!


AUUUUGHHH!!!” she broke away from their frantic liplock and flung back her head as the orgasm ripped through her, and her internal muscles spasmed hard around his cock, eliciting a strangled sound from his throat.


Amidst the cheering of the large party outside, no one heard the loud roar from the closet as he came hard inside her with a shuddering moan. A mixture of his come and her slick juices seeped out from between her thighs, sliding down the slippery dark fur of the unfortunate bear’s pelt behind her.

When he’d blinked away the white lights from his vision and focused woozily on her, and the mess they’d both made, she offered him a lazy half-smile as he settled her down on her own two feet. “Never approved of killing for coats, anyway.”


S'all for tonight. Like the cut hints, this is the first part of twelve. Now if only I could find suitable holidays for May, June and July. x_X; May and June have Mother and Father's Day, but that's not suitable at all, and July... all I can think of is Independence Day, and I'd rather shy away from America. ;p

In other news, Steph has to get up in about two hours! Yay~!

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