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So I trudge along down the street towards the PAC in order to write my exam, and I catch up to these two girls wandering the same direction. This is what I overheard.

Girl 1: "...and I went down on Justin last night... it was so... oh my god I can't explain."

Girl 2: "Ahh~!!! Was there a condom involved? Or did you actually put it in your mouth????"

Girl 1: *eyes go wide* "Oh my god what are you talking about?! I needed one?! Oh my god can I get pregnant?! For sucking him off?! Oh my god why didn't you tell me?!!"

Steph: ...Oh dear lord... *walks past, shaking head*

Anyway--miss me? Heh, exam time. I apologize ahead of time now because my online life pretty much involves checking my email once every few days, and my internal clock has gotten itself royally screwed up--basically I'm asleep whenever people message me. And now my MSN doesn't like to set me to 'Away' when I'm not at my computer automatically, and I always forget to do it myself. ^_^;

CS exam in one-and-a-half hours. Eek. Save me. Save me. ;-;
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