Stephanie (mirroredsakura) wrote,

Just some stupid little points that I'm going to put down about my life that I will soon forget several days hence and which I don't really want to.

1. I burned my hand. Ow.

2. For a little while there, I thought I'd gotten my first failed math test.

3. A thousand pounds of solid rock with sharp, sharp sides is very painful to have your fingers trapped beneath.

4. I need a good pair of gloves that will actually keep my hands warm.

5. All that homework... yup, some of it should probably get done.

6. Maxwell Caulfield was really quite hot. About two decades ago, but still...

7. I have less than a 1GB on my hard drive. And I'm still downloading... I think...

8. Boys can still look sexy with long hair and eyeliner.

9. I have not played a single video game for what amounts to a month or perhaps two. Blasphemy.

10. Old movies can be just as fun as new. My sister attempts to make herself believe they suck. But no one watches Grease/Grease 2 three times in succession because they hate it.

11. Laura does have new server. Very proud.

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