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Week of Complete and Utter Relaxation. I love it.

I thought it time to write something--anything--in my LJ and this is it. And I don't know what to say.

Well, I had more than half my hair chopped off yesterday, for starters and it's rather short now, perhaps even annoyingly so, but whatever. My lack of concern towards this baffles my sister, who also got her hair cut, and is currently still moping about it now. Mention the word 'hair' near her and she'll go right into her rant about her appearance. Ah the EJ days.

I also went up to Waterloo today. Don't know why. I was busy lazing in bed, not quite awake, not quite asleep when my father walks in and tells me to get up, he's taking us somewhere. So I up and at 'em at the ungodly hour of 9:00 am. In any case, we go off and have breakfast at some fast food place (you can tell I'm still asleep when I can't remember what fast food place it was--or what I ate) and then we go off and drive to Kitchener. My dad then treats me to his life story, which, surprisingly isn't that bad to listen to. We talked enough not to notice the road signs and drove all the way to Woodstock. But get there we did, and we wander for a bit, he buys books at the bookstore, we wander some more, he buys books at the used book store (I think I know the reason we went there now...) and then we leave. At the very time the anime event was about to begin. Sigh. I blended in quite well if I do say so myself. Plenty of Asians. I would know. They lost me. Or I lost them.

Anyway, I got back, made lunch at around three (yum, ramen--note to self: water boils really fast when you aren't looking), talked for a while with Nelson on the phone (and Paul too I suppose if you can call his interjections part of the conversation) made food, and played Ragnarok. Yes, I am obsessed. ;p

Speaking of RO, I've gotten myself the (dubious) ability to hear what the monsters are saying/shrieking. Most of it's quite stupid, "Die human, die!" -type things, but others like Jokers can amuse me for their utter lack of subtlety. "I'll take you down, get on top of you, and dance." I mean really, what am I supposed to think?

And also, on a side note, Cass, I'm quite ready for your reasons why that truck driver was flirting with me today.

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